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Join the Estuary Partnership to Experience Vancouver Lake! We will be hosting recreational and stewardship events throughout the year.

Sorry, there are currently no opportunities open to the community. Please check back soon!

Read about and see photos from our work at Vancouver Lake


Past Events


School Programs

This fall, the Estuary Partnership will work with several local schools to provide students with hands-on classroom lessons on watershed science, followed up with an educational field trip to Vancouver Lake. If you are an interested teacher, find out more about our School Programs on our website.


About Vancouver Lake 

Vancouver Lake is an important resource to Clark County and the lower Columbia region. At 2,300 acres, Vancouver Lake is the largest natural lake system in the county, and its surface and groundwater resources are part of the most abundant aquifer in the area. Each year, the lake and surrounding area support over 200,000 migratory waterfowl and hosts a variety of salmonids, including lower Columbia chum, Chinook, and steelhead.

Residents can enjoy numerous recreational opportunities at the lake: paddling, sailing, swimming, hiking, fishing, and birdwatching are a few of the fun activities that await. Vancouver Lake Regional Park is a 190-acre park that stretches along 2.5 miles of the west shore of the lake and includes a sandy beach and lots of places to picnic. Vancouver Lake is loved by some, but many people in the area overlook this local treasure.


Experience Vancouver Lake

“Experience Vancouver Lake” engages community members of all ages in activities in and around the lake, and is funded by Clark County, the how to bet on basketball and winCity of Vancouver and Port of Vancouver USA